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"something inside so strong" - GlasgowIrish


„something inside so strong“ is the name of a song that is sung fervently in Irish Pubs in Glasgow. Actually, the song is about the Apartheid of the 1980s in South Africa; however, the minority of the city recognizes itself in the lines of the song.

Glasgow, in the 19th century called “the workshop of the Empire”, was besides London the most important financial, commercial and industrial metropolis of the British Empire. A city that called for workers. Especially the destitute Catholic Irish signed on in the city that is coined by Protestant-Presbyterians.

In the meantime, Glasgow's wealth is history. The descendents of the Irish immigrants remain- and the confrontation of religions, political views, as well as the wounds of a failed integration. Only nowadays, this long discriminated minority develops some self-confidence, the term “GlasgowIrish” is floating about.

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