"Wir sind anders als Sie denken ..." - Die JVA BürenKing Shiloh Soundsystem
"something inside so strong" - GlasgowIrish



In the 1990s the two Englishmen Bredda Neil and Ras Billy I began, accompanied by Red Lion from Surinam in Amsterdam, to establish the “King Shiloh Soundsystem”. As professed followers of the Rastafarian belief, they play the kind of Reggae that, with regards to content, points to the principles of their conviction: the return to their roots in Africa, the worship of the last Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I., or the overcoming of the “Babylonian System”, namely capitalism.

The development of the so-called Soundsystem culture goes back to the 1960s. The youth in the Jamaican capital Kingston put together speakers and amplifiers from single parts and added a record player. Not only were these “portable clubs” extremely powerful, also they were constructed in order to emphasize the bass, the heart of Reggae music.

With Jamaican immigrants Reggae and this certain kind of Soundsystem came to Great Britain. Cut off from the musical mother country, here Reggae conserved its original rebellious message and its own characteristic sound. By now there are also on the European Continent many imitators who carry on the tradition of the Soundsystem.

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