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We are not what you think... - the prison of Büren

This is how the prison of Büren describes itself. It is the biggest immigration detention center for refugees in Germany. Situated on the outskirts of the small city of Büren near Paderborn, the prison serves as a short-term detention center for immigrants to secure the deportation on behalf of the authority for foreigners.

For this, former NATO barracks have the capacity for about 500 people. According to a statistic, there are 50 discharges per month and about 200 deportations. On average, an inmate spends 50 days inside the facility. One can assume that they have already been on an odyssey through several offices of the authority for foreigners and its facilities - accompanied by the ups and downs of emotions.

Therefore, the head of the institution and its staff make an effort in responding to the needs of every individual during their sojourn - e.g. by offering certain leisure facilities, pastoral care, a coordinated diet or tolerantly arranged visiting hours. This is supposed to facilitate one's sojourn, since the inmates are awaiting an uncertain future.

In the end, in most cases the decision of one's deportation is already legally effective, the trip to the airport only a matter of organization. - Every time a spot opens up, it is filled by another inmate.

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